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A bus has stopped at a bus stop ahead of you. What should you do if its right-hand indicator is flashing?
A bus-lane sign shows no hours of operation. When is the bus lane in operation?
A coach is overtaking you. What should you do when it’s safe for the coach to move back to the left?
A driver is convicted of bringing illegal immigrants into the UK. How is the fine calculated?
A driver is convicted of obstructing an enforcement officer in the course of their duties. Under EU drivers’ hours regulations, what’s the maximum fine they can receive?
A group of horse riders comes towards you. What should you do if the leading rider’s horse becomes nervous of your presence?
A group of schoolchildren are standing close to the left-hand kerb. What should you do as you drive past?
A horse rider is in the left-hand lane approaching a roundabout. What should you expect the rider to do?
A lorry is overtaking you on a two-lane motorway. What should you do if it doesn’t have the speed to get past?
A loud buzzer sounds in your vehicle. What’s this most likely to indicate?
A mobile telephone is fitted to your vehicle. When should it be used?
A tyre has been replaced on your vehicle. What precautions should be taken when tightening the wheel nuts?
A vehicle fitted with an analogue tachograph has two drivers. How should they use the tachograph?
A vehicle has rolled over and caught fire. The driver’s hands and arms have been burned. How could you help the driver?
Air-brake systems usually have two lines. Which additional line is fitted on a three-line system?
An enforcement officer keeps one of your tachograph charts. Who should sign the back of the replacement chart?
An enforcement officer keeps your analogue tachograph records. How should they endorse the replacement charts?
Approximately what percentage of sleep-related vehicle incidents (SRVIs) involve commercial vehicles?
As a driver, what should you do when you attend a social event?
As you approach a pelican crossing, the lights change to green. What should you do if an elderly couple are halfway across?
At a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) roadside check, your vehicle is found to have serious defects and you may no longer use it. Who will DVSA share this information with?
At a junction, you see this sign partly covered by snow. What does it mean?
At an incident, a casualty has stopped breathing. What should you do to help them?
At an incident, a casualty is unconscious but still breathing. Why would you move them?
At an incident, you suspect a casualty has back injuries. What’s the best way to help them?
At the end of your working week, you’ve driven a total of 56 hours. Under EU rules, what’s the maximum number of hours you can drive in the following week?
At the scene of a crash, a casualty is in contact with live electrical cables. What should you use to break the electrical connection?
At the scene of an incident, a person has become hysterical. How should you calm them down?
At the scene of an incident, an injured person is lying in a busy road. What’s the first thing you should do to help?
At this roundabout, you want to take the fourth exit. What limit is in force on this road?
At toucan crossings, pedestrians share the crossing with which other road users?
At what age are men most at risk from sleep-related vehicle incidents (SRVIs)?
Before starting a journey, it’s wise to plan ahead. What would you do to help plan your route?
Before starting a journey, you want to check your brake-system warning lights. What can you do when these aren’t operated by the ignition switch?
Before starting driving, which of the following should you complete on the centre field of your tachograph chart?
Brake fade’ is a loss of effectiveness of the brakes when they overheat. When would ‘brake fade’ be most likely to happen?
Bus and lorry tyres have codes on their side walls. What do these codes refer to?
By how much can your stopping distance increase in icy weather?
Diesel fuel has been spilled on the road. Which road users will this be a particular danger for?
Drivers can be fined for bringing illegal immigrants into the UK. Who else can be fined?
Drivers must have a driver smart card for use in digital tachographs. Where can you obtain a replacement smart card in Great Britain?
During your break, your vehicle will be moved by another person. What should you do with the tachograph chart?
During your working day, you change to another vehicle with the same type of tachograph. How should you keep your tachograph record up-to-date?
Every five years, you must complete further training to keep your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC). How many hours of training must you complete over those five years?
For how long is a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) valid?
High-sided vehicles can be affected by side wind. On which type of road is this most likely?
How can a lorry driver avoid brake fade?
How can vehicle breakdowns be reduced?
How can vehicle operators help to prevent the carriage of illegal immigrants?
How can you find out when an analogue tachograph was last recalibrated?
How can you help to ease traffic congestion?
How can you help to prevent ‘brake fade’?
How can you help to protect the environment?
How can you help to reduce the impact of road transport on the environment?
How can you plan your route before setting out?
How can you plan your route before starting a long journey?
How can you reduce the likelihood of theft of your load when leaving your vehicle overnight?
How can you reduce the risk of your lorry or trailer being stolen?
How could a professional driver improve their efficiency?
How could you reduce the fuel consumption of your lorry?
How could you reduce the problems caused by a strong side wind when driving an empty curtain-sided vehicle on an exposed bridge?
How could you reduce your lorry’s fuel consumption?
How could you save fuel?
How does alcohol affect your driving?
How far can a load overhang at the rear before you must use projection marker boards?
How frequently should the components of a fifth-wheel coupling be inspected?
How is drinking alcohol likely to affect your driving?
How is using a hands-free phone likely to affect your driving?
How long is a digital tachograph driver smart card valid?
How many copies of the CMR consignment note are required?
How many days does a driver’s smart card normally cover?
How much longer will your stopping distance be in snow than in dry weather?
How must spare sheets and ropes be carried on your trailer?
How often must an analogue tachograph be checked at an approved calibration centre?
How often should the components of the fifth-wheel coupling be inspected?
How should you adjust your mirrors after recoupling your trailer?
How should you answer a mobile phone call while you’re driving?
How should you drive through flood water?
How should you let other vehicles overtake when you’re driving a slow-moving vehicle along a narrow road?
How should you load a vehicle?
How should you overtake horse riders?
How should you secure an ISO steel cargo container onto your vehicle or trailer?
How should you slow down or stop when you’re driving on an icy road?
How should you stand when you’re lifting a heavy object?
How should you use the brakes in icy weather?
How wide can a load be before you must use side markers?
How wide does a load need to be before an attendant is required?
How will a school crossing patrol signal you to stop?
How will anti-lock brakes improve your vehicle’s safety?
How will gravity affect a laden vehicle going downhill?
How will your body clock affect your driving between 2.00 am and 7.00 am?
How would you benefit from forward planning and early recognition of potential hazards?
How would you react to drivers who appear to be inexperienced?
In England and Wales, what’s the national speed limit on a single carriageway road for a rigid lorry with a maximum authorised mass of more than 7.5 tonnes?
In fast traffic, when should you leave a two-second gap between your vehicle and the one in front?
In frosty weather, what precaution could a lorry driver take to prevent moisture from freezing in the air-brake system?
In strong winds, an overtaking lorry can cause additional air turbulence that can affect other road users. Which vehicle is most at risk from this turbulence?
In very cold weather, moisture can freeze in your vehicle’s air storage tanks. What can you do to help prevent this from happening?
In what circumstances will short-wheelbase vehicles bounce more noticeably than long-wheelbase vehicles?
In which of these places might there be a restriction on vehicles over a certain length?
In which part of the United Kingdom do traffic officers operate?
It’s been eight hours since you last had an alcoholic drink. What effect could the alcohol have on your driving?
It’s raining. Why would a motorcyclist steer around drain covers on a bend?
It’s very windy and you’re overtaking a motorcyclist on a motorway. What should you be aware of that may cause them problems?
Many modern vehicles are fitted with an additional nearside mirror. What does this help the driver to see?
On motorways, you’re usually driving at higher speeds for long distances. What effect can this have on your tyres?
Planning your route before starting a journey is a good idea. Why should you also plan an alternative route?
Poor eating habits can increase your risk of long-term health problems. What may result from a poor diet?
Should you give way to a car showing a flashing green beacon?
Some lorries have an extra mirror angled down towards the nearside front wheel. What’s this mirror especially useful for?
Spilled diesel makes the road very slippery. Which vehicles will be most at risk from this hazard?
Tankers carrying liquids can experience the ‘wave effect’. What helps to reduce this problem?
The analogue tachograph on your vehicle becomes faulty. How long do you have before you must have it repaired?
The area around an incident is safe. What’s the best way to help an injured person?
The double white line along the centre of the road is unbroken on your side. When may you cross the line?
The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and the police carry out spot checks for faulty vehicles. What will happen to the vehicle if serious defects are found?
The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) requires you to take training every five years. How many hours of training must you take?
The emergency line is common to both two-line and three-line brake systems. What colour is it?
The entrances to roundabouts are often slippery when they’re wet. How should you deal with this hazard?
The height of your vehicle is 4.2 metres (14 feet). What should you do as you approach this bridge?
The lorry you’re driving is heavily laden. How will the load affect the vehicle if you approach a left-hand bend too fast?
The MSM routine should be used when you negotiate a hazard. What do the initials MSM stand for?
The road is wet. Why should you slow down as you approach this pedestrian?
The time is 10.00 am. You’ve been driving non-stop since 6.00 am. Under EU rules, what’s the longest you may now drive without a break?
There’s a slow-moving motorcyclist ahead of you. What should you do if you’re unsure what the rider is going to do?
There’s been an incident. What can you do to help a driver who’s suffering from shock?
This lorry is turning right from the side road. What should the driver be especially aware of?
This vehicle is fitted with spray-suppression equipment. In what weather conditions will it be most useful?
Triangular projection markers are required when your load is wider than 2.9 metres (9 feet 5 inches). What colour are these markers?
Under EU drivers’ hours regulations, a 45-minute break must be taken after 4.5 hours of driving. What shorter breaks can this be split into?
Under EU rules, a driver must take regular breaks from driving. What maximum period of continuous driving is allowed?
Under EU rules, how long should your normal daily rest period be?
Under EU rules, what’s the maximum daily driving time allowed?
Under EU rules, what’s the maximum driving time allowed in any two consecutive weeks?
Under EU rules, what’s the normal weekly rest period that must be taken?
Under EU rules, you can drive for a maximum of nine hours a day. On how many days each week can this be extended to 10 hours?
Under EU rules, you may drive for up to nine hours a day. What maximum may this be increased to on two days of the week?
Under EU rules, your daily rest can be reduced to 9 hours. For how many days per week is this allowed?
Under EU rules, your minimum daily rest is 11 hours. On three days of the week this may be reduced to what length of time?
Unless otherwise shown, what’s the minimum headroom under bridges in the UK?
Usually, a rev counter is divided into coloured bands. Which band should you stay in for maximum fuel economy?
What action should you take if there are flashing amber lights under a school warning sign?
What action would you take when elderly people are crossing the road?
What additional training do you need before transporting frozen foods?
What are the consequences of driving your vehicle when it’s emitting excessive exhaust smoke?
What are these advanced stop lines for?
What are traffic officers authorised to do?
What benefit is expected to come from having a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) qualification?
What can be expected after drivers complete a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC)?
What can cab-mounted wind deflectors reduce?
What can cause unnecessary pollution to the environment?
What can coasting downhill seriously affect?
What can happen to drivers who break EU tachograph regulations?
What can help to maximise fuel economy?
What can help to reduce fuel consumption?
What can prevent you from holding a bus or lorry driving licence?
What can result from overloading an axle?
What can seriously affect your concentration while driving?
What can you add to diesel fuel to prevent it from becoming less effective at low temperatures?
What can you do to help maintain concentration while you’re driving?
What causes ‘brake fade’?
What colour are the markings on the rear of lorries over 7.5 tonnes maximum authorised mass?
What colour follows the green signal at a puffin crossing?
What colour is the auxiliary line on a three-line braking system?
What component fitted to your vehicle will help following drivers in wet weather?
What condition could prevent you from holding a lorry or bus licence?
What could be the result of overloading an axle while loading a lorry?
What could happen if there isn’t enough oil in your engine?
What could happen if you drive a double-deck lorry with the top deck loaded and the lower deck empty?
What could happen if you overfill your engine with oil?
What could happen if you overfill your engine with oil?
What could prevent air pressure from building up in an air-brake system in frosty weather?
What danger should you be most aware of if you’re driving close to the kerb in a busy shopping area?
What do bells hanging across the road warn drivers of?
What do heated fuel lines prevent?
What do the codes shown on the side walls of bus and lorry tyres refer to?
What do the legs on a demountable body enable you to do?
What do yellow zigzag lines on the road outside a school mean?
What do you need to be aware of when driving a vehicle fitted with power-assisted steering?
What do you need to be aware of when you drive over an exposed suspension bridge?
What do you need to be careful of when you’re driving in high winds?
What do you need to consider when transporting a high-value cargo of cigarettes?
What does a tachograph record?
What does air suspension help to protect?
What does ‘blind spot’ mean?
What does changing to a lower gear on a long downhill gradient help to avoid?
What does controlling goods vehicle drivers’ hours help to improve?
What does it indicate if you see white lights on a vehicle at night?
What does it mean if the ignition warning light comes on while you’re driving?
What does it mean when there are double red lines running along the edge of a road?
What does ‘road-friendly’ suspension help to reduce?
What does the flashing amber light mean at a pelican crossing?
What does this arm signal mean?
What does this marker count down to?
What does this motorway sign mean?
What does this motorway sign mean?
What does this motorway sign mean?
What does this motorway sign mean?
What does this road sign mean?
What does this sign mean?