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When may you drive without wearing your seat belt?
When may you use your vehicle’s hazard warning lights while it’s moving?
When must an analogue tachograph be recalibrated?
When must these two signs be used?
When must you notify telephone companies that you’re moving a high load?
When must you stop on a motorway?
When must you take extra care if you’re driving a vehicle more than 3.0 metres (10 feet) high?
When should an endurance brake (retarder) be used?
When should anti-freeze be used in the cooling system?
When should wheel nuts be checked?
When should you allow for the effects of a speed limiter?
When should you check the oil level in your engine?
When should you check the wheel nuts on your vehicle?
When should you check your vehicle’s spray-suppression equipment?
When should you consider the effect a speed limiter will have on your vehicle?
When should you stop trying to resuscitate a casualty?
When should you use a crawler lane?
When should you use hazard warning lights?
When should you use the two-second rule?
When should you use your mirrors?
When should you use your vehicle’s horn?
When should your lorry coupling system (fifth wheel) be checked and lubricated?
When should your trailer be fitted with a kingpin or drawbar lock?
When shouldn’t you overtake?
When this vehicle transporter turns, how will the overhanging top deck move?
When will a box van be most affected by side wind?
When will an articulated car transporter be least stable?
When will your reactions be slower?
When would the driver of a car transporter need to be most aware of the front overhang of the trailer?
When would weight transference be most likely to occur?
When would you need to check your nearside mirror?
When would you use an escape lane?
When would you use ‘kickdown’ on a vehicle that has automatic transmission?
When you’re carrying other vehicles piggyback, you should use restraints and the parking brake on each vehicle. What else should you do?
Where are these lights found?
Where are you allowed to park a long, rigid vehicle?
Where are you most likely to find pedestrians stepping into the road?
Where are you most likely to ground a low loader?
Where can the axle weight limits be found?
Where can you get a replacement driver tachograph card?
Where can you get advice about carrying out repairs to your vehicle?
Where can you get advice to help carry out minor repairs?
Where can you get help to plan your route before starting a journey?
Where can you park large vehicles at night without needing to use parking lights?
Where can you stop if you feel tired while you’re driving on a motorway?
Where do most sleep-related vehicle incidents occur?
Where does a high-pressure fuel injector deliver fuel?
Where in particular should you look out for motorcyclists?
Where must extra care be taken when using an endurance brake (retarder)?
Where must the repair of a speed limiter be carried out?