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How must spare sheets and ropes be carried on your trailer? Vehicle Loading
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How wide does a load need to be before an attendant is required? Vehicle Loading
In what circumstances will short-wheelbase vehicles bounce more noticeably than long-wheelbase vehicles? Vehicle Loading
Tankers carrying liquids can experience the ‘wave effect’. What helps to reduce this problem? Vehicle Loading
The lorry you’re driving is heavily laden. How will the load affect the vehicle if you approach a left-hand bend too fast? Vehicle Loading
What additional training do you need before transporting frozen foods? Vehicle Loading
What can result from overloading an axle? Vehicle Loading
What could be the result of overloading an axle while loading a lorry? Vehicle Loading
What could happen if you drive a double-deck lorry with the top deck loaded and the lower deck empty? Vehicle Loading
What do the legs on a demountable body enable you to do? Vehicle Loading
What must you check first when uncoupling or recoupling your trailer? Vehicle Loading
What shape are the labels that indicate a vehicle is carrying hazardous cargo? Vehicle Loading
What should you do if the load on your lorry becomes insecure? Vehicle Loading