Vehicle Condition

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A loud buzzer sounds in your vehicle. What’s this most likely to indicate? Vehicle Condition
A passenger tells you they’ve noticed that a wheel nut is missing from your bus. How often should you check your vehicle’s wheel nuts? Vehicle Condition
A tyre has been replaced on your vehicle. What precautions should be taken when tightening the wheel nuts? Vehicle Condition
At a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) roadside check, your vehicle is found to have serious defects and you may no longer use it. Who will DVSA share this information with? Vehicle Condition
Before each journey, you should check all warning lights. What should you do if a warning light remains lit? Vehicle Condition
Before starting a journey, you want to check your brake-system warning lights. What can you do when these aren’t operated by the ignition switch? Vehicle Condition
Bus and lorry tyres have codes on their side walls. What do these codes refer to? Vehicle Condition
How can vehicle breakdowns be reduced? Vehicle Condition
How frequently should a driver carry out a walk-round check? Vehicle Condition
How frequently should the components of a fifth-wheel coupling be inspected? Vehicle Condition
How often should the components of the fifth-wheel coupling be inspected? Vehicle Condition
In very cold weather, moisture can freeze in your vehicle’s air storage tanks. What can you do to help prevent this from happening? Vehicle Condition
On motorways, you’re usually driving at higher speeds for long distances. What effect can this have on your tyres? Vehicle Condition
Some buses have different-sized wheels on the front and rear. What do you need to be aware of when driving at high speeds on long journeys? Vehicle Condition
The bus you’re driving is fitted with automatic transmission. When would you use kickdown? Vehicle Condition