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A 17 year-old wants to learn to drive. What must they have before they start practising on the public highway?
A bus has stopped at a bus stop ahead of you. What should you do if its right-hand indicator is flashing?
A candidate taking their practical driving test is allowed to have someone accompany them on the test. How should this person behave during the test?
A car driving-test candidate with sight in only one eye passes the test. What restriction will the examiner place on their licence?
A car is fitted with dual accelerator, clutch and brake pedals. Which of the pedals must be removed before the car can be used for a driving test?
A casualty has stopped breathing and you’ve started giving them chest compressions. How long should you continue trying to resuscitate them?
A child under 3 years old is travelling in the front seat of a car. What must the driver ensure?
A crash has just happened. A casualty is lying in the busy road. What’s the first thing you should do to help?
A disabled driver has difficulty turning their head. What will help overcome this disability when they’re driving?
A driver is convicted of drinking and driving twice within 10 years. They wish to have their licence returned. Who do they have to satisfy that they don’t have an alcohol problem?
A driver (not subject to the New Drivers Act) will be disqualified if they accumulate 12 or more penalty points within what period of time?
A driver wants to go ahead at a crossroads controlled by a police officer. What recognised arm signal should they give?
A learner driver with a disability wants to take a driving test. What advice should you give them?
A novice driver is able to steer a straight course. How could you help them improve their steering skills?
A physically disabled driver passes their driving test in a specially adapted vehicle. How will their driving licence be restricted?
A police car is following you. What should you do if the police officer flashes the headlights and points to the left?
A police officer asks to see your documents. You don’t have them with you. How long do you have to produce them at a police station?
A pupil asks about driving a right-hand-drive car in a European country where they drive on the right. What should your advice include?
A pupil has a friend who’s agreed to help with their driving tuition. What age and driving experience must they have?
A pupil with a physical disability is concerned that the examiner won’t understand their special needs. What should you tell them?
A pupil’s driving is well below driving-test standard. What should you do if they insist on taking the driving test?
A road-incident casualty has an injured arm that’s bleeding but not broken. Why should the arm be kept in a raised position?
After a breakdown on the motorway, how should you rejoin the carriageway from the hard shoulder?
After passing your driving test, you suffer from ill health. What must you do if your health affects your driving?
An approved driving instructor (ADI) must always display red L plates (in Wales, red D or L plates or both) on the car when teaching learner drivers. What else must they display if they’re charging for the driving lesson?
Another driver flashes their headlights at you. How should you interpret this signal?
Anti-lock brakes prevent the vehicle’s wheels from locking under heavy braking. What will this help to reduce?
Apart from pedestrians, what should you be aware of at toucan crossings?
Apart from routine maintenance, when should you check your engine’s oil level?
As a recommendation, how often should you check the brake lights on the car you use?
As you drive towards a roundabout, you see a horse and rider ahead. What should you do if the rider is signalling right but keeping well to the left?
As you’re approaching this junction, the green light changes to amber. What should you do if you’re unable to stop at the first white line?
At a puffin crossing, which colour traffic light follows the green light?
At an incident, a casualty has stopped breathing. What should you do to help them?
At an incident, you suspect a casualty has back injuries. What should you do when the area is safe?
At the scene of an incident, a pedestrian’s leg is bleeding heavily. It’s not broken and there are no objects in the wound. How could you help stop the bleeding?
At what age does a passenger become responsible for fastening their own seat belt?
At what age does category B driving entitlement normally expire?
At which type of crossing are cyclists and pedestrians allowed to cross together?
Can you park on the zigzag lines of a zebra crossing when there are no other parking spaces to be found?
Diamond-shaped signs give instructions to drivers of which vehicles?
Drivers convicted of certain dangerous driving offences are required to take an extended driving test. How does the extended test differ from the standard driving test?
During a driving lesson, your vehicle is involved in a collision. What should you do if your pupil is physically unhurt but is suffering from shock?
For a few days you’ve been taking medicine that makes you feel drowsy. Today you feel better, but you still need to take the medicine. When should you drive?
For how long does a driving-test pass certificate remain valid?
For how long is an MOT certificate normally valid?
For the cockpit drill to be effective, some items should be checked before others. What’s the correct sequence?
Head restraints should be adjusted correctly. What injuries do they protect you from?
How can the process of perception be described?
How can you avoid fuel spillage after you’ve refuelled your car?
How can you avoid wheelspin when you’re driving on an icy road?
How can you encourage a pupil to develop a good driving attitude?
How can you help prevent your car radio from being stolen?
How can you help the environment and avoid wasting fuel?
How can you identify motorway signs?
How can you modify your driving to help the environment?
How can you tell when you’re driving on black ice?
How can you use your vehicle’s engine to help control your speed?
How do anti-lock brakes help drivers?
How do following vehicles appear in a convex door mirror?
How does a convex mirror affect the appearance of a following vehicle?
How does a puffin crossing operate?
How does an anti-lock braking system help you keep control during emergency braking?
How does coasting affect a driver’s control of their vehicle?
How is a toucan crossing different from a pelican crossing?
How is overtaking in a one-way street different from overtaking on a two-way road?
How many years after they’re newly registered must cars in Great Britain have an MOT test?
How much more than the normal braking distance should you allow in icy weather?
How much verbal instruction is needed to help a pupil attain a good standard of driving?
How must you treat a pelican crossing that crosses the road in a straight line and has a central island?
How often do you have to renew your photo on a photocard car driving licence?
How often should tyre pressures be checked?
How often should you check your brake lights are working?
How should a driving instructor approach each lesson?
How should driving lessons be planned?
How should you adjust your speed when you’re joining a busy motorway from a slip road?
How should you apply the footbrake when you’re stopping normally?
How should you choose your method of instruction?
How should you drive in areas where there are traffic-calming measures?
How should you drive on a road where there are road humps?
How should you drive when the roads are icy?
How should you overtake a horse and rider?
How should you park when you leave your vehicle overnight on a road that has a 40 mph speed limit?
How should you react to drivers who appear to be inexperienced?
How should you rejoin the motorway after a breakdown on the hard shoulder?
How should you signal when you’re going ahead at a roundabout and taking the second exit?
How should you treat a zebra crossing that’s split by an island?
How should you turn right at a mini-roundabout?
How should you use the ‘question and answer technique’?
How will a convex mirror affect the appearance of following vehicles?
How will a school crossing patrol signal you to stop?
How would it be illegal for a provisional licence holder to drive?
How would you recognise signs giving orders?
If you provide a demonstration of a skill in a lesson, how should you follow it up?
If you saw this sign, what would you tell your pupil?
In some circumstances, you’re allowed to park your car on the road at night without lights. It must be facing in the direction of traffic flow and at least 10 metres (32 feet) from any junction. What other restriction applies?
In what conditions should you leave a two-second separation gap?
Is it necessary to give a signal when you’re passing parked vehicles?
It’s a foggy day. What should you do if you have to park your car on the road?
It’s raining and you’re following a motorcyclist as they ride around a bend. Why would the motorcyclist steer around a metal drain cover?
It’s very windy. What should you do if you’re behind a motorcyclist who’s overtaking a high-sided vehicle?
Just before starting a journey, you’re involved in an argument. What should you do if this has made you feel angry?
Normally, how far apart are emergency telephones on a motorway?
On a motorway, where would vehicles travelling in opposite directions share the same carriageway?
On a motorway, where would you see green reflective studs?
On a road where trams operate, which vehicles are most at risk from the tram rails?
Part of the MSM routine is referred to by the abbreviation PSL. What does PSL stand for?
Signals are normally given by direction indicators and brake lights. What should drivers do before giving a signal?
Some two-way roads are divided into three lanes. Why are these particularly dangerous?
The car’s ignition light comes on during a journey. What fault does this indicate?
The MOT certificate on your vehicle has expired. When can you drive the vehicle on the road?
The timing of directions to a pupil is very important. What’s the recommended method of doing this clearly?
The traffic light ahead is showing an amber light. Which colour light(s) will it show next?
The vehicle ahead is being driven slowly. What should you do if you’re unsure of the driver’s intentions?
There are double white lines in the middle of the road. What does it mean when the line nearest to you is broken?
There are no speed-limit signs on the road. What would suggest a 30 mph speed limit?
There’s a ‘give way’ sign where a one-way street joins a main road. What road markings would you see across the mouth of the junction?
There’s been a crash and a motorcyclist is lying injured and unconscious. What’s the main reason you should leave their helmet in place?
There’s been a crash. What should you do to help a driver who’s suffering from shock?
This plate is used with which sign?
Trams can move both quietly and quickly. What other feature of trams should you be especially aware of?
Typically, how does ageing affect people’s driving ability?
Tyres on cars, light vans and trailers must have a continuous tread depth of at least 1.6 mm. How much of the tyre must have this depth of tread?
Under the New Drivers Act, a new driver will have their licence revoked if they get six or more penalty points on their licence. This only applies to drivers after they pass their first practical driving test. Over what period of time does it apply?
Until you’re 70 years old, how often should you renew your photocard driving licence?
What advice should you give to a pupil about driving through shallow flood water in a car fitted with manual transmission?
What advice should you give to a pupil about moving off on snow or ice?
What advice should you give to a pupil about parking in a driveway?
What advice should you give to a pupil who asks whether it’s permitted to drive on the hatch markings?
What advice should you give to a pupil who wishes to overtake a long, slow-moving vehicle on a busy road?
What advice should you give to someone who intends to drive a left-hand-drive vehicle in the UK?
What advice should you give to your pupils about using cruise control?
What advice should you give your pupils about turning right around to check blind spots while they’re driving?
What can a candidate do if they consider that their driving test wasn’t conducted properly?
What can be established through an appropriate use of open questions?
What can cause heavy steering?
What can cause the most harm to the environment?
What can happen if an instructor’s expectations of a pupil are too high?
What can you do to help protect the environment?
What colour are circular traffic signs that give positive instructions?
What colour are the reflective studs at the left-hand edge of the motorway?
What colour are the reflective studs between the lanes on a motorway?
What colour are the reflective studs where a slip road joins a motorway?
What could happen if you put too much oil in your engine?
What could happen if you use front fog lights in clear daytime conditions?
What could you do to guard against the risk of a vehicle fire?
What could you do to reduce the volume of traffic on the roads?
What do pupils need to do in order to learn to drive safely and responsibly?
What do these lines along the centre of the road mean?
What do these signs indicate?
What do you need before you can drive legally?
What do zigzag lines at a pedestrian crossing mean?
What does a differential do when a car is cornering?
What does a red traffic light mean?
What does excessive wear of the central area of tread on a car tyre suggest?
What does excessive wear on the outer edges of the tread of a car’s tyre generally indicate?
What does it mean if a bus-lane sign shows no times of operation?
What does it mean if you see a pedestrian carrying a white cane that has a red band or bands wrapped around it?
What does it mean if you see a vehicle showing a flashing green light?
What does it mean if your motor insurance policy has an excess of £100?
What does it mean when an area of road is painted with white diagonal stripes and surrounded by a broken white line?
What does it mean when another driver flashes their headlights?
What does it mean when the amber light is flashing at a pelican crossing?
What does it mean when you see a pedestrian carrying a white stick that has a red band or bands?
What does it mean when you see this line along the centre of the road?
What does ‘tailgating’ mean?
What does the continuous white line at the side of the road indicate?
What does the curved direction arrow on the road indicate?
What does the phrase ‘thinking distance’ mean?
What does the term ‘blind spot’ mean?
What does the white line along the edge of the road mean?
What does this sign mean?
What does this sign mean?
What does this sign mean?
What does this symbol on a direction sign indicate?
What does this white arrow on the road mean?
What does your vehicle’s catalytic converter reduce?
What effect does a convex mirror have on the appearance of following vehicles?
What effect does alcohol have on your driving?
What effect will a roof rack have when it’s fitted to your car?
What fault would you suspect if the footbrake on your car starts to feel spongy?
What happens if your vehicle starts to aquaplane?
What happens in a controlled zone?
What instruction should you give a pupil about controlling the vehicle’s speed when going down a long, steep hill?
What is known to cause excessive or uneven tyre wear?
What is road camber?
What lights should you use if daytime visibility is poor but not seriously reduced?
What liquid should you use to top up your battery?
What major advantage does a pupil gain from agreeing learning objectives?
What may help if a driver’s behaviour has upset you?
What may help to deter a thief from stealing your car?
What must a driver do at a pelican crossing when the amber light is flashing?
What must a learner driver have before they drive on the road for the first time?
What must you display clearly on your vehicle while you’re being paid to give driving lessons?
What must you do to any load that you carry on a roof rack?
What must you do when you arrive at a blind junction?
What must you have when you’re renewing your vehicle tax?
What plate would you normally find with this sign?
What restrictions apply to category B provisional licence holders?
What restrictions are placed on someone’s driving licence if they’re blind in one eye?