The Road

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High-sided vehicles can be affected by side wind. On which type of road is this most likely? The Road
How could you reduce the problems caused by a strong side wind when driving an empty curtain-sided vehicle on an exposed bridge? The Road
How is a strong wind likely to affect your bus? The Road
How much longer will your stopping distance be in snow than in dry weather? The Road
How should you drive through flood water? The Road
How should you rejoin the motorway after a breakdown on the hard shoulder? The Road
How should you slow down or stop when you’re driving on an icy road? The Road
How should you use the brakes in icy weather? The Road
How will gravity affect a laden vehicle going downhill? The Road
In fast traffic, when should you leave a two-second gap between your vehicle and the one in front? The Road
In strong winds, an overtaking lorry can cause additional air turbulence that can affect other road users. Which vehicle is most at risk from this turbulence? The Road
In which type of weather is spray-suppression equipment particularly useful? The Road
It’s raining heavily. What effect could this have when you overtake a cyclist? The Road
It’s raining. Why would a motorcyclist steer around drain covers on a bend? The Road
It’s very windy and you’re overtaking a motorcyclist on a motorway. What should you be aware of that may cause them problems? The Road