Vehicle Loading

Image Question Topic
You’re driving a tanker that’s half full. The inside of the tank isn’t divided into compartments. How should you use the footbrake when you’re stopping? Vehicle Loading
You’re driving a vehicle with an unladen trailer. What could happen if you change down to a low gear while travelling at speed? Vehicle Loading
You’re driving an articulated tanker on a straight road. How will the liquid load affect the vehicle as you brake to a stop? Vehicle Loading
You’re driving an open tipper lorry carrying loose dry sand. Why should you sheet this load? Vehicle Loading
You’re exporting a flock of sheep on a journey that will take longer than eight hours. What must be fitted to a lorry being used for long-distance transportation of livestock? Vehicle Loading
You’re going to drive an articulated lorry with an ISO container on the trailer. How should the container be secured to the trailer? Vehicle Loading
You’re loading a curtain-sided vehicle. What are the curtains for? Vehicle Loading
You’re loading goods of varying weights. How should they be distributed over the width of the vehicle? Vehicle Loading
You’re loading timber onto a flat-bed lorry. You want to cover it with sheets. Which sheet should be positioned first? Vehicle Loading
You’re making several deliveries. What problems may the decreasing payload cause? Vehicle Loading
You’re part-loading a lorry with an empty ISO container. Where should you position it on the trailer? Vehicle Loading
You’re securing a load using chains. Which type of chain is unsafe for securing a load? Vehicle Loading
You’re securing a load using ropes. What’s the minimum diameter of rope that should be used? Vehicle Loading
You’re securing a very heavy load with a ratchet strap. Which anchorage point is unsafe to use with ratchet straps? Vehicle Loading
You’re transporting a skip carrying loose waste. How should the material be carried? Vehicle Loading