Vehicle Loading

Image Question Topic
Which of these loads needs to be transported at a controlled temperature? Vehicle Loading
Which of these vehicles will be most at risk of ‘roll-over’ when laden? Vehicle Loading
Which symbol on a lorry means it’s likely to be carrying compressed gases? Vehicle Loading
Which symbol on a lorry shows its load is dangerous when wet? Vehicle Loading
Which symbol on the back of a lorry means it’s carrying a corrosive substance? Vehicle Loading
Which type of load should be secured using chains? Vehicle Loading
Which type of load would benefit most from being carried on a lorry fitted with road-friendly suspension? Vehicle Loading
Which vehicle is most likely to be affected by ‘vehicle bounce’? Vehicle Loading
Who must you inform if the load on your trailer hits a railway bridge? Vehicle Loading
Why are baffle plates fitted to tankers carrying liquids? Vehicle Loading
Why are ropes unsuitable to tie down a load of scrap metal? Vehicle Loading
You intend to move a heavy object using a barrow or trolley. What’s the best height for the handles? Vehicle Loading
You’re carrying another vehicle piggyback on your lorry. Chocks should be used to secure the wheels. What else should you use to secure the load? Vehicle Loading
You’re covering a load using more than one sheet. Why should you start with the rearmost sheet, then work forwards? Vehicle Loading
You’re driving a loaded lorry with curtain sides. What should you do when you see the curtain bulging on one side? Vehicle Loading