Vehicle Condition

Image Question Topic
You’re driving along a motorway. What should you do if the air-pressure warning device starts to operate? Vehicle Condition
You’re driving at night on a very busy road when your headlights fail. What should you do if the fuse box is on the outside of the bus, on the right-hand side? Vehicle Condition
You’re uncoupling a trailer. What must you do before disconnecting any of the air lines? Vehicle Condition
You’ve had to change a wheel on your vehicle. When should the wheel nuts be checked again? Vehicle Condition
You’ve stopped on a firm, level surface. What’s the first thing you must do before you uncouple the trailer? Vehicle Condition
Your coach is fully laden. What’s the most likely reason for the steering feeling heavy? Vehicle Condition
Your coach often tows a trailer. How often should you check the trailer tyres for pressure? Vehicle Condition
Your steering suddenly becomes heavy to turn. What could make this happen? Vehicle Condition
Your vehicle has broken down at night on a two-way road. How should you try to leave the vehicle? Vehicle Condition
Your vehicle has double rear wheels. Why should you check them before leaving a building site? Vehicle Condition
Your vehicle suffers a tyre blow-out. How could this create a hazard for other road users? Vehicle Condition