When may the cost of your insurance come down?

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Mark one answer
When you're under 25 years old
When you complete the Pass Plus scheme
When you don't wear glasses
When you pass the driving test first time

The official DVSA guide to driving states:

Pass Plus

New drivers can take further training after they’ve passed their test. Pass Plus was created by DVSA for new drivers who would like to improve their basic skills and safely widen their driving experience. If you take the Pass Plus course, you may also receive reduced insurance premiums.

The cost of insurance

This depends on a number of factors, including

  • your age; the younger you are, the more it will cost, especially if you’re under 25
  • whether you’ve completed the Pass Plus scheme
  • how long you’ve been driving
  • the make and power of your vehicle
  • where you live and keep your car overnight
  • how you intend to use your vehicle
  • when and how you drive (with telematics insurance)
  • any court convictions and fixed-penalty offences
  • any no-claims discount you’ve earned.

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