What does this sign indicate?

Question Topic: Road and traffic signs

Mark one answer
A cycle route
A diversion route
A picnic area
A pedestrian zone

The official DVSA guide to driving states:

In an emergency, when it’s necessary to close a section of motorway or other main road to traffic, a temporary sign may advise drivers to follow a diversion route. This route guides traffic around the closed section, bringing it back onto the same road further along its length.To help drivers follow the route, black symbols on yellow patches may be permanently displayed on existing direction signs, including motorway signs. An initial sign will alert road users to the closure, then the symbol is shown alongside the route that drivers should follow.

A number of different symbols may be used, as in some places there may be more than one diversion operating. The range of symbols used is shown here.

Drivers and riders should follow signs showing the appropriate symbol. These may be displayed on separate signs, or included on direction signs, giving the number of the road to follow.

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