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There are 3 multiple choice questions in this video clip test. Watch the video clip carefully before starting the test. You need to score 2 out of 3 to pass.

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A Never
B When you are going straight on
C When you are turning left
D When you are turning right
Correct Answer: D When you are turning right
Explanation: The yellow grid markings are a box junction. They're used where stationary traffic is likely to block the junction.
You must not enter a box junction unless your exit road is clear. You can enter the box and wait when you want to turn right but oncoming traffic is preventing you turning. The right-turn exit must be clear.
A Because the driver was late checking their right mirror
B Because the driver was making room for the cyclist
C Because the lorry needs the room to turn
D Because the lorry set off too fast
Correct Answer: C Because the lorry needs the room to turn
Explanation: Large vehicles need more room than small vehicles to turn at a junction.
Their position may seem wrong to you. But they often need more space to swing out to the right when turning left, and to the left when they're turning right.
At junctions allow more room for large vehicles.
A When the traffic lights change to amber after you've passed the first line
B When there are no cycles in the marked area
C When you've checked your mirrors for cyclists
D When you've turned on your hazard warning lights
Correct Answer: A When the traffic lights change to amber after you've passed the first line
Explanation: At some traffic lights there are advance stop lines, where cyclists can position themselves ahead of other traffic.
When the lights change to amber or red you should stop at the first white line. Stay out of the marked area, as this is for cyclists only.
However, if you've crossed the first white line when the signal changes to red, you must stop at the second white line even if you're in the marked area.
Allow cyclists plenty of time and space to move off when the lights change to green.