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A heavy load on your roof rack will Vehicle Loading
A trailer must stay securely hitched up to the towing vehicle. What additional safety device can be fitted to the trailer braking system? Vehicle Loading
Any load that is carried on a roof rack should be Vehicle Loading
Are passengers allowed to ride in a caravan that is being towed? Vehicle Loading
How can you stop a caravan snaking from side to side? Vehicle Loading
If a trailer swerves or snakes when you are towing it you should Vehicle Loading
On which TWO occasions might you inflate your tyres to more than the recommended normal pressure? Vehicle Loading
Overloading your vehicle can seriously affect the Vehicle Loading
Who is responsible for making sure that a vehicle is not overloaded? Vehicle Loading
Why would you fit a stabiliser before towing a caravan? Vehicle Loading
You are carrying a child in your car. They are under three years of age. Which of these is a suitable restraint? Vehicle Loading
You are planning to tow a caravan. Which of these will mostly help to aid the vehicle handling? Vehicle Loading
You are towing a caravan along a motorway. The caravan begins to swerve from side to side. What should you do? Vehicle Loading
You are towing a small trailer on a busy three-lane motorway. All the lanes are open. You must Vehicle Loading
You wish to tow a trailer. Where would you find the maximum noseweight of your vehicle’s tow ball? Vehicle Loading