The Driver

Image Question Topic
When is your nearside mirror most likely to endanger pedestrians? The Driver
When may you drive without wearing your seat belt? The Driver
When should you use your vehicle’s horn? The Driver
When will your reactions be slower? The Driver
Where are you most likely to find pedestrians stepping into the road? The Driver
Where do most sleep-related vehicle incidents occur? The Driver
Which of these is an unsafe place to park your vehicle or trailer? The Driver
Why could it be dangerous to wave people across at pedestrian crossings? The Driver
Why is it important to adjust your head restraint properly? The Driver
You approach a pelican crossing that goes straight across the road. How must you treat it if it has a central island? The Driver
You stop for pedestrians at a zebra crossing. What should you do if they don’t start to cross immediately? The Driver
You take some cough medicine given to you by a friend. What must you do before driving? The Driver
You want to turn left at a junction. What affects the position you take up as you approach the junction? The Driver
You’re about to drive a vehicle you’ve never driven before. What should you consider when adjusting your seat? The Driver
You’re about to drive home. What should you do if you feel very tired and have a severe headache? The Driver