Environmental Issues

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You’re driving in a built-up area between 11.30 pm and 7.00 am. For what reason can you sound the vehicle’s horn? Environmental Issues
You’re driving in a built-up area. Your vehicle is fitted with an audible warning device that sounds when it’s reversing. When must you turn off this alarm? Environmental Issues
You’re following a lorry that’s leaking fuel. What should you be especially aware of? Environmental Issues
You’re waiting for some time in a stationary traffic queue. Why should you switch off your engine? Environmental Issues
You’ve been stopped at a roadside check. What would staff from the environmental health department be checking? Environmental Issues
You’ve been waiting in a traffic queue for several minutes. What should you do if it’s clear that you won’t be moving soon? Environmental Issues
You’ve just refilled your fuel tank. What must you check before driving away from the fuel pump? Environmental Issues
You’ve parked for a short time in a town while you plan your route. What should you do while your vehicle is parked? Environmental Issues
Your lorry has been fitted with wind deflectors. How will they affect your vehicle? Environmental Issues
Your vehicle is fitted with an engine management system. What will happen if you press the accelerator when you’re starting the engine? Environmental Issues