Hazard awareness

Image Question Topic
A driver pulls out of a side road in front of you, causing you to brake hard. What should you do? Hazard awareness
A driver’s behaviour has upset you. What can you do to safely get over this incident? Hazard awareness
A slow-moving lorry showing this sign is travelling in the middle lane of a three-lane motorway. How should you pass it? Hazard awareness
After passing your driving test, you suffer from ill health. This affects your driving. What must you do? Hazard awareness
Ahead of you, traffic in the left-hand lane is slowing. What should you do? Hazard awareness
During periods of illness, your ability to drive may be impaired. What must you do? Hazard awareness
How should you drive in areas with traffic-calming measures? Hazard awareness
How would age affect an elderly person’s driving ability? Hazard awareness
In what way are provisional car licence holders restricted? Hazard awareness
In which circumstances may you use hazard warning lights? Hazard awareness
Some two-way roads are divided into three lanes. Why are these particularly dangerous? Hazard awareness
The red lights are flashing. What should you do when approaching this level crossing? Hazard awareness
What advice should you give to a driver who has had a few alcoholic drinks at a party? Hazard awareness
What can seriously affect your ability to concentrate? Hazard awareness
What does the solid white line at the side of the road indicate? Hazard awareness