Band 3 driving test

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At what age does a passenger become responsible for fastening their own seat belt? Band 3 driving test
At what age does category B driving entitlement normally expire? Band 3 driving test
Drivers convicted of certain dangerous driving offences are required to take an extended driving test. How does the extended test differ from the standard driving test? Band 3 driving test
For how long does a driving-test pass certificate remain valid? Band 3 driving test
For how long is an MOT certificate normally valid? Band 3 driving test
How many years after they’re newly registered must cars in Great Britain have an MOT test? Band 3 driving test
How often do you have to renew your photo on a photocard car driving licence? Band 3 driving test
How should you park when you leave your vehicle overnight on a road that has a 40 mph speed limit? Band 3 driving test
How would it be illegal for a provisional licence holder to drive? Band 3 driving test
In some circumstances, you’re allowed to park your car on the road at night without lights. It must be facing in the direction of traffic flow and at least 10 metres (32 feet) from any junction. What other restriction applies? Band 3 driving test
The MOT certificate on your vehicle has expired. When can you drive the vehicle on the road? Band 3 driving test
Tyres on cars, light vans and trailers must have a continuous tread depth of at least 1.6 mm. How much of the tyre must have this depth of tread? Band 3 driving test
Under the New Drivers Act, a new driver will have their licence revoked if they get six or more penalty points on their licence. This only applies to drivers after they pass their first practical driving test. Over what period of time does it apply? Band 3 driving test
Until you’re 70 years old, how often should you renew your photocard driving licence? Band 3 driving test
What can a candidate do if they consider that their driving test wasn’t conducted properly? Band 3 driving test