When may you stop and wait in a box junction?

Mark one answer
When oncoming traffic prevents you from turning right
When you're in a queue of traffic going ahead
When you're on a roundabout
When you're in a queue of traffic turning left

The official DVSA guide to driving states:

Box junction markings

Yellow crisscross lines mark a box junction. Their purpose is to keep the junction clear by preventing traffic from stopping in the path of crossing traffic.

You MUST NOT enter a box junction unless your exit road is clear. But you can enter the box when you want to turn right and you’re only prevented from doing so by oncoming traffic.

If there’s a vehicle already on the junction waiting to turn right, you’re free to enter behind it and wait to turn right – providing that you won’t block any oncoming traffic wanting to turn right.

If there are several vehicles waiting to turn, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to proceed before the traffic signals change.

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