What will happen if you hold the clutch pedal down or roll in neutral for too long?

Mark one answer
It will reduce your control
It will improve tyre wear
It will use more fuel
It will cause the engine to overheat

The official DVSA guide to driving states:

Coasting means that, although the vehicle is moving, it’s not being driven by the engine. This occurs either when the clutch pedal is held down or when the gear lever is in the neutral position.

Coasting for any distance is wrong because

  • it reduces the driver’s control of the vehicle
  • you might have difficulty engaging a gear if something unexpected happens
  • it almost certainly leads to the vehicle gathering speed when travelling downhill. It means harder braking and it removes the assistance of engine braking in a low gear.

Each time you change gear you coast a little; this is unavoidable, but it should
be kept to a minimum.

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