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You’ve been involved in an incident and damaged some property. What should you do if nobody else is present and your vehicle is still roadworthy?
You’ve been issued with protective clothing. Who’s responsible for its use?
You’ve been stopped at a roadside check. What would staff from the environmental health department be checking?
You’ve been taking medicine for a few days, and it has made you feel drowsy. Today you feel better, but you still need to take the medicine. When should you drive?
You’ve driven a long distance and feel tired. Your tachograph shows that you haven’t exceeded your driving hours. What should you do in these circumstances?
You’ve finished recoupling. How should you make sure that the tractor and trailer are secure?
You’ve had an incident while driving through a tunnel. You aren’t injured but your vehicle can’t be driven. What’s the first thing you should do in this situation?
You’ve had to change a wheel on your vehicle. When should the wheel nuts be checked again?
You’ve just overtaken another large vehicle. How do you know when it’s safe to move back to the nearside lane?
You’ve just overtaken another vehicle on a motorway. What should you avoid when moving back to the left?
You’ve just parked a lorry on the side of the road. What should you do just before dismounting from the cab?
You’ve just refilled your fuel tank. What must you check before driving away from the fuel pump?
You’ve just started the engine. What must you do if the brake air-pressure warning light is showing?
You’ve parked for a short time in a town while you plan your route. What should you do while your vehicle is parked?
You’ve parked on the roadside. What must you do before leaving the vehicle?
You’ve parked your vehicle on level ground to deliver a load of building materials. What should you do before using the vehicle-mounted crane?
You’ve stopped at a pelican crossing. What should you do if the lights have changed to green but a disabled person is still crossing?
You’ve stopped at the scene of an incident where there are casualties. What should you do to help?
You’ve stopped for an elderly pedestrian who’s slowly crossing the road. What should you do if traffic behind you is being held up?
You’ve stopped on a firm, level surface. What’s the first thing you must do before you uncouple the trailer?