Excessive or uneven tyre wear can be caused by faults in the

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exhaust system
braking system

Excessive and/or uneven tyre wear can be caused by the condition of your vehicle. In particular, if you have uneven wheel alignment, issues with the suspension, or problems with the brakes you will risk preventable tyre wear. If your wheels are misaligned you will put uneven pressure on different areas of the tyre than expected. Bad brakes and issues with suspension can also cause your tyres to become misaligned. Proper inflation of your tyres can also cause issues with tyre wear.

How can you prevent excessive or uneven tyre wear?

You can prevent excessive and uneven tyre wear if you service your vehicle regularly. When you have a vehicle serviced they will check wheel alignment, steering, suspension, and your brakes. This will ensure they are all in good order and help stop preventable tyre wear. As a general rule of thumb, you should aim to have your car serviced either every 12 months or after 12,000 miles, whichever happens first.

Theory Test Question

So how did you do with your answer to the theory test question? Did you remember to pick 2 answers this time? Let’s consider each of the answers to check your understanding:

Exhaust system

Wrong! The exhaust system will not cause excessive or uneven tyre wear. Typically, exhaust issues will be heard rather than seen.


Correct! Issues with the suspension can cause excessive and uneven tyre wear. This can happen as the suspension compresses and rebounds if your alignment angles are altered.


Wrong! Issues with the gearbox will not be a direct cause of excessive or uneven tyre wear. Gearbox issues may be heard, smelt, or felt when the car refuses to go into gear.

Braking system

Correct! The braking system is one of the main areas that excessive or uneven tyre wear can be caused by. Bad brakes can put an uneven strain on your tyres and cause your wheels to become misaligned, one of the other causes of uneven tyre wear!

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