What makes the vehicle in the picture ‘environmentally friendly’?

Question Topic: Safety and your vehicle

Mark one answer
It's powered by diesel
It's powered by electricity
It's powered by gravity
It's powered by unleaded petrol

The official DVSA guide to driving states:

Try to help lessen pollution by using your car only when it’s really necessary. You should

  • avoid using your car for very short journeys, especially when the engine is cold
  • walk or cycle for short journeys
  • use public transport when you can. Light rapid transit (LRT) systems (‘metros’) and trams are being introduced in many cities and large towns to provide more efficient public transport. These vehicles are more environmentally friendly because they use electricity, rather than fossil fuels
  • consider car sharing if there’s no suitable public transport. There may be a colleague or friend who’s making the same journey (for example, to work or on the ‘school run’)
  • if at all possible, avoid using your car when air pollution is high.

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