How can you lessen the risk of your vehicle being broken into at night?

Question Topic: Safety and your vehicle

Mark one answer
Park in a poorly-lit area
Don't engage the steering lock
Leave it in a well-lit area
Park in a quiet side road

The official DVSA guide to driving states:

Having your vehicle stolen or broken into is at best an inconvenience and at worst very distressing. While determined thieves would probably be able to steal or get into any vehicle, they’re usually too busy with the poorly secured ones. If your vehicle is secured, alarmed and immobilised, they may well leave it alone.

Avoid leaving your vehicle unattended in poorly lit areas. The risk of vehicle crime is known to be higher in these locations.

Whenever possible

  • use attended and secure car parks
  • at night, park in an area that will be well lit
  • if you have a garage, use it.

When you leave your vehicle

  • stop the engine
  • close all windows completely (but don’t leave pets in a vehicle with the windows completely closed)
  • remove the key

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